Fornasetti Furniture

Piero Fornasetti was one of the leading designers of the 20th century, alongside being a painter, engraver and interior designer. Fornasetti’s amazing imagination, sense of colour and grasp of classical design pervades every item, from chairs to commodes, umbrella stands to lamps, plates to teacups. Fornasetti was the creator of more than 11,000 products. Working in Milan from the mid 20th century until his death in 1988, he always stayed true to his mantra.

Barnaby Fornasetti, his son has kept the flame burning by producing and reviving Fornasetti designed items.

Holly Johnson has dealt in vintage Fornasetti for the last 15 years. Along side first edition pieces we also trade in the newer items by Atelier Fornasetti. Every item of Fornasetti never ceases to amaze us. Fornasetti brings out the collector in everyone.
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